OKIN Microdrive 2: compact and powerful

The Microdrive 2 single drive combines strong performance with a compact design. Its installation dimension is only 130 mm plus the stroke. These slim dimensions make the single drive a very compact solution. Thus, chair manufacturers are provided with the upmost freedom of design when integrating this drive into their products.

The Microdrive has a maximum pressure of 3,000 N with a maximum stroke length of 350 mm. The maximum adjustment speed is 35 mm/second while under no load. This enables the drive to quickly and powerfully make seat adjustments. An aluminium guide profile ensures stability and reliability for all Microdrive 2 movements. The versatile single drive features maintenance-free 24 V DC motors.

Standard configurations

General data

Max. push force during adjustments

3000 N

Max. pull force during adjustments

1000 N

Max. adjustment speed with no load

35 mm/sec

Max. stroke length

350 (+/- 2 mm) mm

Installation dimensions

130 + stroke (+/- 2 mm) mm

Stroke pipe clevis

Hole: 10 mm
Slot: 5 mm

Gear clevis

Hole: 10 mm
Slot: 5 mm

Guiding profile


Housing colour

Black RAL 9005

Duty cycle

1/8 min

Duty cycle

10 %

Protection degree


Protection class


Relative air humidity

30 to 75 %

Ambient temperature

+10 to +40 °C

Motor voltage

Maintenance-free 24 V DC motors V DC

Limit cut-off


Connection options


Optional Hall sensor

Motor cable

Black, smooth and coiled

Certificates / Approvals

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