Linear drive for demanding applications

The LD1000 linear drive stands out due to its high performance and extremely durable construction. Thanks to its high push and pull forces of up to 10000 N and a maximum stroke length of 1000 mm, it is the ideal solution for demanding applications in the agricultural and off-highway sectors. Its potential areas of application include:

  • Agricultural and municipal machines: self-propelled harvesters, round balers, transportation vehicles and plant protection equipment
  • Mobile and stationary applications
  • Dosing mechanisms: Feed mixing systems
  • Opening and closing mechanisms: Selection or storage technology

Fast and reliable linear drive with an integrated control system

The LD1000 has a highly resistant housing made of die-cast aluminium with a super robust support tube made of anodised aluminium combined with a stainless-steel stroke pipe. The stroke length range starts from 100 up to 1000 mm. The linear drive features a fast adjustment speed of maximum 100 mm/s. The LD1000 is powered by maintenance-free 12 and 24 volt DC motors, to ensure a maximum of performance and reliability. The integrated control system enables precise adjustment of individual motion profiles and pinpoint positioning.

Use in extreme conditions

Due to having the maximum protection level of IP69K, the linear drive can withstand even extreme environmental conditions. It is not only protected against dust and penetrating water at high pressure but is also heat- and cold-resistant: The linear drive can even withstand temperatures of -20 to +65 degrees Celsius during operation. Moreover, it is unaffected by radiation from the sun. The linear drive is made-to-last thanks to this protective equipment and its durable mechanics. The LD1000 is optionally available with a digital positional feedback system, end stop signals as well as a bus system.

General Features

The LD1000 linear drive is powerful and extremely robust. With a push stroke of 1000 mm and a force of 10,000 N, it is designed for use in agriculture and off-highway applications. The high protection class and the aluminium housing enable usage even in the most extreme conditions. This provides an affordable, maintenance-free alternative to existing drives.

Application areas

  • All types of mobile outdoor agricultural applications, including agricultural and municipal machinery, self-driving harvesters, round balers, transport vehicles and crop protection equipment.
  • All types of stationary or mobile dosage mechanisms (e.g. for feed mixing systems).
  • Closing and opening mechanisms for sorting facilities (e.g. for processing and storage technology).

Standard configurations

Performance data

Load capacity

2000 N, 5000 N & 10,000 N

Adjustment speed

Min. 5 mm/s
max. 100 mm/s

Stroke length

min. 100mm - max. 1000mm

Fitting dimension (B)

Stroke less than or equal to 399 = stroke + 200 mm
Stroke greater than or equal to 400 = stroke + 250 mm

Duty cycle

30% 3 minutes / 7 minutes

Motor voltage

12 & 24 volt DC motor


Limit switch

Via micro-switch

Stroke pipe clevis

Bore hole: 12.1 mm stainless steel

Gear clevis

Bore hole: 12.1 mm stainless steel

Stroke pipe

Stainless steel


Aluminium die-cast

Housing colour

Black 9005

Supply cable

5 m & 10 m

Further data

Protection type

Max. IP69K

Ambient temperature (business)

Minus 20 to +65 °C

Ambient temperature (storage / transport)

Minus 40 to +85°C
Manual emergency actuation
Salt spray and chemical tests have been completed successfully

Extra configurations

Position feedback

Digital positional Feedback (available from 2020)
BUS (available from 2020)
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